Chris' GMod Comic was created in 2007 by Chris Urquhart, who got the idea to make a GMod comic after reading Concerned by Christopher Livingston. After several updates in as many days, Chris eventually settled on his current 'Updates Whenever' schedule.

This wiki was created to give more information on the comics Chris has created, such as how the idea came about, any problems during creation, and any other information Chris deems to be useful.

Plot and Story

The comics follow no general storyline. Most, if not all, of the comics are random jokes, in either one panel or several. The only storyline Chris has created so far is Exodus of the Peons.


The comic was initially hosted at - the comic being a 'side project' of sorts. Chris' main project at that time was his Visual Basic programs.

When he learned that the comics were receiving more hits than all of his programs combined, Chris made the comic his main project. And thus, the comic moved to the root directory.

In 2009, Chris finally got a proper .com domain for the comic at - however, he is currently involved in a dispute with the webhost, owing to the fact that they are too expensive (and that they are taking their sweet time in cancelling his contract so he can move to a cheaper host).

"I've found a cheaper webhost (, but 1&1 are taking ages to cancel my contract. If I didn't know any better, I'd say they are deliberately trying to avoid refunding me my £61.98. Bastards." - Chris Urquhart, November 12th 2009 (via Twitter)

Current Situation

The comic is now back at - however, it is going through a 'remake' phase. Chris has decided to remake all the comics, giving them up-to date copyrights, as well as (slightly) improved quality and hand-drawn speech bubbles.

Since Chris installed ComicPress on the server, he is being forced to update the comics at a ratio of one per day. Anyone wanting to read the comics can find them all at SmackJeeves.

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